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LET'S ROLL 03:26
come roll with me come on let's go forget this world this world is gone I got the haze we gona blaze we gona cruse no time to wait I made the beat hard like concrete so are you gona roll with me with me Chorus: tonight I get my car we riding slow to the speed of the beat yo tonight we will be cruising old school style just wild on my crazy old school ride verse 2 come come let's go are you ready to go let's just go come on come come on let's go tell me just what you waiting for the night is young and mood is good tell me show you how we do
I'm so high 02:27
verse1 hello hello my name is Tyreek I'm the crazy artist living down the street You see me walking down the street like time just stopped I was smoking some good weed that's what's up Chorus I'm so high so high and just chill enjoying my life. Verse 2: My time to write something smooth and slow Let's get back to the studio Got the funk, got the beat and big sack of some bomb ass weed Chorus verse 3 Now you know Now know I'm getting high in my studio busting on the mic while I feel the flow and getting so high on some crazy dope Chorus
She crazy yo 02:35
She crazy yo type of woman that can make your head explode like a drama queen type of drama I never seen and what did I do to end up with crazy woman like you This is all bad cus I'm about to leave and never comeback she crazy yo she crazy yo type of woman that can make your head explode OW I just wana chill Don't wana run around pay ur bills She said she wana go out that's a hundred dollar nigh no doubt and she is so fine but when she talk for sure you'll change your mind and that's where I'm at cus I'm about to leave and never comeback she crazy yo she crazy yo type of woman that can make your head explode Now let me let you know how to please your man stop tripping trying to be in command Let your man chill after a long day's work and when the game is on know you'll never be heard and maybe read a book or two make a good make wana chill with you.
verse 1 These are crazy times... I'm a crazy man in a crazy time in a crazy land Trying to understand fully to realize socially hypnotized I'm asking the question : WHY? Why people are like this? Logic they do dismiss and all they want is lies So they can waste their lives I'll never be like that The truth is all I want No gold no precious stones No God to carry on Totally all alone Keeping my dream alive while trying to survive Everyday is a fight I live a crazy life. Chorus Crazy I live a crazy life In a crazy time These are crazy times. Verse 2 Running on crazy mode I never go to sleep If I could drop my load That voice inside of me I wana live my life don wana b like you you never read a book a fucking brainless fool working to be a slave, collecting useless things I wana b a king no one is running me for that I need some bread won't sell my soul for that I will be always me fighting for what is right long days and sleepless nights Fighting to break these chains and I will change until the death of me. CHORUS OUTRO! YOU PUSH ME OVER THE EDGE NOW I'M ON CRAZY MODE I'M COMING AFTER YOU I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE AND TAKE YOU WITH ME TO HELL WHERE YOU BELONG UNLEASH YOUR OWN HATE ON YOU ERASE MATERIAL GREED MY CHAINS HAVE BROKEN DOWN I FOUND A SECRET KEY YOUR SYSTEM IS BROKEN DOWN YOUR SYSTEM HAS FAILED YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE THE MAN THE MAN IS GETTING KILLED YOU WATCHING THE NEWS WHILE FEELING CONFIOUSED QUESTION YOUR RADICAL THOUGHT WHILE YOU'RE FEELING SO LOST CAPITALISM HAS FAILED YOU LIKE JESUS AND GOD YOUR WIFE HAS LEFT YOU AND YOUR KIDS HATE YOU TOO YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SO SMART AND YOU CALLED ME A FOOL LOOK AT ME NOW AND PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT YOU MAN PLEASE I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL FOR NOTHING YOU SACRIFICED YOUR YOUTH TO FEED THIS BIG MACHINE THAT IS ENSLAVING YOU YOU ARE BRAINWASHED A TRAGEDY AND YOUR CORPORATE CULTURE IS POLLUTION TO ME
Don't trip 03:28
I don't care 05:06


released July 7, 2009


all rights reserved



TYREEK Oakland, California

Tyreek is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from Oakland, California. Born and raised in Morocco, Tyreek was drawn to music early. As a child he spent hours alone, glued to his father’s record player. In high school, he alternated making mixtapes for friends to vocally collaging cosmopolitan, sounds into melodic freestyles. He started thinking of himself as an artist, ... more

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